Australia re-engaging with Fiji post COVID

April 26, 2022 5:05 pm

Australian Governor-General David Hurley [Source: Fijian Government]

The state visit of Australian Governor-General David Hurley is a sign of re-engagement between Fiji and Australia after the global pandemic.

Hurley says the two countries share ties not just on a government level but between people as well, and the return of international flights and opening of the border is also an opportunity for renewal.

The Governor-General adds it is refreshing for people to be able to travel again after some difficult times during the pandemic.

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“Our visit represents a meeting between friends, between partners and between Vuvale. A coming back together or as you would say ‘toso vata’.”

Australian Governor-General David Hurley [Source: Fijian Government]

Hurley has a number of public engagements in Suva today before visiting the Northern Division on Thursday as part of his state visit.

He is the first Governor-General of Australia to visit Fiji since 1993.