Assistance to boost agricultural advancements

March 19, 2024 6:30 am

[ Source : Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways Fiji/Facebook]

The Agriculture Ministry received a $95,000 worth of essential equipment from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization aimed at enhancing agriculture and waste management initiatives in the nation.

The donation includes laptops equipped with specialized software for disease diagnostics, portable microscopes with cameras for parasitic counts, and an incinerator crucial for waste management in veterinary laboratories.

During the handover ceremony yesterday, FAO Sub-regional Coordinator for the Pacific Islands, Xiangjun Yao, emphasized the shared commitment between FAO and Fiji towards ensuring global food security.

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Yao highlights FAO’s ongoing collaboration with Fijian ministries and stakeholders on various projects, highlighting the importance of supporting farmers and fishermen who sustain communities through their hard work.

Minister for Agriculture Vatimi Rayalu also highlights the transformative potential of the equipment.

Rayalu also emphasizes the significance of these resources in bolstering the Ministry’s capacity for disease detection, livestock management, and research purposes.