AG launches probe into alleged brutality case

January 9, 2024 12:51 pm

[File Photo]

Attorney-General Siromi Turaga confirms the initiation of an investigation into an alleged case of brutality at the Suva Remand Center.

He says the revelation came to his attention through social media, prompting him to direct Acting Commissioner of Fiji Corrections Service Salote Panapasa to conduct a thorough inquiry into the matter.

Turaga emphasizes that while such incidents may be common, they should not be tolerated.

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He states that he had previously conveyed a similar message to correctional officers last year, stressing the importance of respecting the integrity of inmates.

“We must respect the dignity of the prisoners and I think you must put it into perspective for the last 16 years they were given whatever they wanted to do.”

Acting Commissioner of Fiji Corrections Service Salote Panapasa

Turaga acknowledges the ongoing efforts of the government to rebuild public trust in institutions like the FCS but reiterates that this process would require time.

Meanwhile, Turaga also mentions that the investigation against the Acting Commissioner of FCS by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption is ongoing.

He says at this stage, panapasa won’t be sent home as she has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing.

The AG adds that he won’t be interfering in any case of investigation and that the law must take its course.