A collective approach needed to solve the economic crisis

November 28, 2022 5:10 am

[File Photo]

Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation President Vinay Narsey says a collective approach is needed to find solutions to the economic challenges faced.

He says Fiji is not spared from the global crisis, as Fijian workers continue to migrate overseas who are creating huge gaps in the local workforce.

Narsey says psychological well-being and physical health are coming up as critical factors in sustaining a productive workforce.

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“And thirdly, unprecedentedly high shipping costs and delays are pushing prices up with no signs of relief in the immediate future. How can we as Fijians sought leaders, develop strategies to overcome these challenges while being mindful of the rich socio-cultural dynamics of our people? The waste opportunity emerging tradition with innovation.”

Narsey is encouraging all to discuss these issues during the networking sessions.

He says this way they can find solutions to these challenges together.