$6 million worth of grants to assist women’s networks

July 1, 2022 5:10 am

Kuini Rabo.

Since 2018, 68 grants have been awarded to 38 feminist and women’s groups, networks, and organisations, which is valued at $6 million.

This has been made possible with the Women’s Fund Fiji’s grant initiative.

According to program officer Kuini Rabo, the fund aims to help underprivileged women, such as those with disabilities and those who experience prejudice because of their sexual orientation.

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“The fund has reached 34,839 people, inclusive of 21,109 women and girls, 12,867 men and boys, 641 people with disabilities (354 women and 287 men), and 222 gender non-conforming people.”

Women’s Fund Fiji is a feminist women’s fund established in 2017 and is core funded by the Australian government.