40 per cent of premature deaths from NCD’s

June 22, 2022 12:50 pm

[File Photo]

The premature mortality rate in Fiji is around 40 per cent and this means that majority of Fijians continue to die before the age of 70.

This, according to Ministry of Health and Medical Services Head of Wellness, Doctor Devina Nand.

She says Non-Communicable Diseases remain the driver of premature deaths in the country and it accounts for over 80 per cent of total deaths per year.

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“And that’s sad because this is clearly avoidable if we target those risk factors, and when I talk about risk factors, again, it’s increasing our physical activity. It’s eating healthy, it’s reducing the harmful use of alcohol. It’s making sure that nobody uses tobacco or any of its products and it’s reducing our stress levels.”

Nand says that 80 per cent of Fiji’s population do not eat the required five servings of recommended fruits and vegetables in a day and 14 .4 per cent have high blood sugar levels.

She adds that 67 per cent of Fiji’s population are either obese or overweight.

Doctor Nand says it is imperative to continue to highlight these statistics because there is an urgent need for individuals to develop healthy choices.