Taiwan rock stars deny breaking China's lip syncing ban

December 8, 2023 4:20 pm

[Source: BBC]

A popular Taiwanese rock band has denied allegations of lip syncing in China, where it is prohibited.

This comes after Chinese authorities announced an investigation against Mayday, in response to a viral video.

Commercial regulations in China prohibit lip syncing before paying audiences because it is “deceptive”.

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However, this is rarely enforced and lip syncing is not uncommon for performers in China.

Some Chinese social media users questioned why Mayday is being singled out when many performers, even those who appear on state television, are believed to lip sync.

However, others said they would be disappointed if it is proven that the band lip synced at their Shanghai concert on 16 November.

Lip syncing or “deceptive fake-singing” before paying audiences is punishable by a fine of 100,000 yuan ($14,110, £11,240). Artists can also be banned from performing and their show organisers could have their licenses revoked.

Mayday frontman Ashin – whose real name is Chen Hsin-hung – addressed the allegations in a social media post on Wednesday. The 48-year-old said “real-singing” is the only way to connect to Mayday fans.

“Every roar, every performance, every note, they all come from the voice that I have relied on 24 years,” he said, while referencing one of their songs.

Mayday’s label B’in Music said the band does not lip sync in their concerts and that they are cooperating with the investigation, being led by the Shanghai Bureau of Culture and Tourism. The BBC has also sent a request for further comment.