Embracing mother tongue in music

January 20, 2024 6:28 am

Fijian music is a beautiful and diverse world that showcases our rich cultural heritage.

The famous Wedger of VT1S believes that language is a powerful thread that weaves our musical identity.

While observing the changes in the music industry, William Osborne is proud that they use our mother tongue to share their music locally and internationally.

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“And the thing that I love about the Fijian Industry is that we do not sway from not using our language, our language is our strongest heritage of our culture I should say.”

VTBOP Music aims to maintain this trend for years to come.

“With time changes, little by little we tend to move into the English language as being the first language so music at VTBOP we would like to somehow keep that going like our native mother tongue and it’s unique to use, only the Fijians could relate to it personally unless you’re a non-speaking Fijian and you ask a translator.”

The music industry is evolving and adopting new sounds, but preserving linguistic heritage remains a top priority for these local artists.