Radisson Blu aims big for sustainable tourism

May 24, 2024 7:06 am

The Radisson Blu Resort continues to champion environmental initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices.

General Manager Charles Homsy says the resort has been equipped with solar panels for over a decade, significantly contributing to their energy needs, however, they are planning for more change.

He says these efforts are part of Radisson Blu Resort’s broader strategy to adopt greener solutions and enhance sustainability in their operations.

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According to Homsy, their plan is to be carbon-free by 2050 and they are working on achieving this by reducing their dependence on gas and fuel.

“You know, Fiji, we almost have the same amount of tourists as the number of the population. So, it’s like having two countries in one and obviously, the tourists use a lot of plastic and energy and whatnot. So really as an industry, we need to make sure that we limit the impact on this.”

Homsy says in addition to their solar power initiative, the resort has implemented advanced filtration systems in guest rooms.

He adds this innovation has led to a dramatic reduction in the use of plastic water bottles, cutting down by almost 280,000 bottles annually.

Minister for Tourism Viliame Gavoka also praised the huge effort by the industry which is crucial not only for the present influx of tourists but for future generations.

Gavoka says the stakeholder’s dedication to sustainability exemplifies a growing trend in the hospitality industry, where environmental responsibility is becoming a key component of business strategy.