PRF goes digital with eco-friendly business cards

January 24, 2024 5:34 am

[Source: Supplied]

The Pacific Recycling Foundation, in collaboration with Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited and Malhana Cloud Kitchen, is taking a significant stride toward integrating sustainability into their operations.

They have embarked on an innovative sustainability initiative, marked by the official launch of digital business cards designed for the management and staff.

PRF Founder and CEO of Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited, Amitesh Deo, emphasized that the adoption of digital business cards not only represents PRF’s commitment to environmental sustainability but also signifies their embrace of modern technology for enhanced efficiency and a reduced ecological footprint.

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He says the launch of their digital business cards showcases their dedication to environmental stewardship and ongoing efforts to promote sustainable practices within the industry.

He says this initiative contributes significantly to addressing the waste management crisis in the country.

The digital business cards operate as an electronic representation of traditional business cards.

Recipients can easily access contact details, professional profiles, and other relevant information, promoting efficient communication while significantly reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional printed business cards.