Plans to illuminate stations with solar power

December 6, 2023 6:27 am

[File Photo]

TotalEnergies currently operates 18 stations powered by solar energy and aims to increase the count to 23 by the end of next year.

Director and Country Chair Dennis Cuaycong highlighted this in a recent interview with FBC News.

He says this initiative reflects their commitment to sustainable practices and community involvement.

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“Fuel is not at the same rate of growth that we would see, for example, in relation to the tourism industry. So we feel that maybe the market conditions are also impacting the consumption patterns of people, but we’re hopeful that with the continued growth in the Fiji economy, it will also spur on the market for us.”

While focusing on strategic expansion, Cuaycong says the company emphasizes selecting locations aligned with market demand.

He states that the decision to rebrand signifies a shift towards climate-conscious strategies, targeting net-zero emissions by 2050.

Cuaycong highlights that the ongoing effort includes station makeovers, sustainability initiatives, and the recent opening of two new stations, with plans for additional expansion in the coming years.