Rewa milk and butter prices increase

June 24, 2022 8:50 am

The prices of Rewa Powdered Milk and Rewa Butter, increases effective from today.

450g Rewa powdered milk which used to cost around $7.29 has now increased to $7.95.

125g Rewa butter has increased from $2.75 to $3.25.

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According to the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission’s advisory Fiji’s major dairy source, Fonterra, based in New Zealand, is experiencing expanding overseas demand and higher milk prices offered by the leading dairy cooperative.

This has put pressure on Fonterra’s product prices to rise.

It also means that butter, which is produced from the protein and fat portion of milk, will also increase its price.

FCCC says with such price movement globally, coupled with Fiji’s new labour wage amendments and nominal inflation, the prices of most milk brands available in the market are expected to increase.

There are measures being taken to help consumers deal with this inflation.

Meanwhile, FCCC remains committed to ensuring that the markets are sustainable for both consumers and traders.

FCCC conducts on the ground inspections, monitoring and ensuring regulated prices for essential goods are being complied with.