Former roadside vendor now owns global-reach business

August 3, 2022 9:30 am

Angee Prasad at the Namaka Market in Nadi

Angee Prasad is a familiar face at the Namaka Market in Nadi, but 20 years ago she used to sell out in the sun along the roadsides of Votualevu and Fantasy Rd in Nadi.

The humble mother of three is now the co-owner and Director of an organic food company called Farmboy.

A name coined by a hotel security guard who would pity Angee and her husband when they would have to return home with rejected fruits and vegetables.

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Prasad says today, Farmboy is a source of income for over 15 permanent staff and over 1,500 local farmers.

“Like that time, I don’t have any vehicle, and we used to be on the roadside, so I never gave up. That time people were laughing at us but now we’ve grown our big business.”

Prasad says her three daughters used to accompany her to sell by the roadside, a sacrifice of comfort worth taking.

“Actually my daughters they finished their Masters in business, two of them, and the third one is almost completing her nursing and thanks to my daughters and my husband, we’re here now.”

The bubbly lady also outsources most of their labor to local village women in Nadi and says to set a goal and work towards it.

The Nadi business is promising, environmentally friendly and inclusive, training youth with special needs, hoping to provide life-long skills.