Budget to boost financial security of Fijians: Shandil

July 8, 2024 6:54 am

The Consumer Council of Fiji believes that initiatives announced in the 2024/25 National Budget will significantly enhance the financial well-being of ordinary Fijians.

Chief Executive Seema Shandil says the budget aims to boost citizens’ purchasing power, ensuring greater financial security and addressing consumer-centric issues.

The Council supports the increase in minimum wage, salary increments for civil servants, the provision of cash allowances instead of bus fare top-ups, and the reinstatement of the pension scheme.

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“That will, you know, is a significant step towards improving the financial security of thousands of families across Fiji and also, you know, that will directly bolster the earnings of the lowest-paid workers, ensuring that Fijians can meet their daily needs.”

Consumer Council of Fiji Chief Executive Seema Shandil

Shandil says the Council has been voicing the concerns of elderly citizens and persons with disability and is glad their submission has come to fruition.

“They need this kind of support and we could see that, you know, this change from the top-up to $25 cash assistance is a real help to them because they can now utilize that funding for their bus fare as well as some other expenses that can help them mitigate their expenses. Also, the increase in the family assistance scheme and, you know, also the reinstatement of the pension scheme. This is all going to assist our people.”

However, the Consumer Watchdog boss is advising Fijians to remain discreet with their spending.

She stresses the importance of budgeting and comparative shopping.

The 2024/25 National Budget will be debated in parliament from today.