BLK reopens in Lautoka

November 21, 2022 4:10 pm

Beyond Limits Known, or BLK, has reopened its shop in the Sugar City after the company went into receivership in 2016.

Under its parent company, Kingdom Sports Apparel, BLK is also now 100% Fijian owned after almost collapsing following the receivership by Australia.

Sales Manager Donasiano Kalou says opening in Lautoka is a fresh start for the popular sports apparel manufacturer.

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“Thanks to our board of directors and our GM through their steady leadership guiding the company we managed to come through and come out more positive and resilient.”

Kalou says more than $10,000 has been invested in this shop, which has created three new jobs and will expand in the future.

General Manager Asesela Serau says they are excited about the future of BLK, as the company has been long recognized as a leader in sportswear manufacturing in the Oceania region.

Serau adds that they currently have a shop in Suva, but they plan to open shops around the country.