Indicted Republican lawmaker George Santos expelled from US House

December 2, 2023 2:27 pm

[Source: Reuters]

Indicted Republican George Santos’ brief career in the U.S. House of Representatives came to an end on Friday, when fellow lawmakers voted to expel him over criminal corruption charges and accusations of misspending campaign money.

The House voted 311-114 to immediately remove the controversial freshman lawmaker, above the two-thirds majority required to oust one of its own.

Besieged by revelations of lies about his past, a federal criminal indictment and a congressional ethics probe, Santos, 35, became only the sixth member to be expelled from the House. The New York congressman was the first to be kicked out without having fought for the Confederacy or being convicted of a crime.

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Following the vote, there was scattered applause in the House chamber.

As Santos walked out of the Capitol, surrounded by journalists, he said, “You know what? As unofficially already no longer a member of Congress, I no longer have to answer a single question from you guys.”

“To hell with this place,” he said.

Later on Friday, a Capitol worker could be seen changing the lock for Santos’ former office and the sign on the door bearing his name was taken down. A small bouquet of pink flowers had been placed on the floor outside.