RWC 2023

Fiji's rise as Australia falters

September 25, 2023 9:18 am

[Source: Rugby World Cup]

In an electrifying display, Wales soared to a 40-6 victory over a faltering Australia, securing their place in the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals as the first team to do so.

This marks a historic moment as Australia faces the possibility of not advancing to the final eight for the first time since the tournament’s inception.

Wales now stands at 14 points after three matches, while Fiji holds the second spot with six points from two games.

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Australia, with only six points after three matches, shares the lower ranks with Georgia and Portugal, both accumulating two points each.

Australia’s remaining fixture pits them against Portugal, while the latter also faces Fiji, and the Flying Fijians have yet to meet Georgia. From a mathematical standpoint, Fiji holds the advantage

with two games in hand, and unless there’s a major upset against Georgia and Portugal, they are likely to secure a spot in the last eight.

Wales will face Georgia in their final match, and Fiji’s hopes rest on winning their last two matches with bonus points, while also hoping that Wales is denied victory.

This scenario would still allow Fiji to clinch the top spot in the pool.

Looking ahead, the quarter-final matchups for the Pool C qualifiers will pit them against teams from Pool D, which includes England, Samoa, Argentina, Japan, and Chile.

Fiji’s next challenge will be facing Georgia at 3.45 am on Sunday.

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