National Deaf Rugby teams gets support from Australia

March 22, 2024 6:50 am

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The Fiji Deaf Rugby teams along with their coaches had a chance to train alongside the Australian Deaf Rugby head coach and also rugby legends.

Australian coach, David Kearsey says they made the most with their Fijian rugby vuvale on improving their rugby skills.

He adds that they ensuring the Fiji teams are well-prepared and motivated to excel in their upcoming international tournaments.

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Kearsey says that rugby is for everyone, regardless of abilities.

They also appreciate the support of the Australian Government through PacificAus Sports, which allows us to partner with Fiji Rugby Union and work with the talented Deaf Rugby Fiji players and coaches.

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Rugby legends, Lote Tuqiri and Nemani Nadolo was in awe as they witness the determination and effort of these players.

They mention that they have shown them what deaf rugby is all about which has inspired them to return.

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This training is part of a two-day PacificAus Sports training camp.