Pacific Games

Tavua lad makes it a double

November 30, 2023 6:00 am

Fiji’s long distance wonder boy Yeshnil Karan has done it again.

This time in the men’s 5000 meters final.

Karan won his second gold medal of the Games which means Fiji now have 14 gold medals.

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He clocked 15.14.89 seconds ahead of Benjamin Zorgnotti of Tahiti.

The Tahitian never let Karan out of his sight and tried to pull away with five laps left but the former Tavua College student kept up with him.

Papua New Guinea’s Siune Kagl made the race even more interesting when he joined the two leaders with three rounds left.

It was between Karan and Tahiti’s champion runner in the last two laps.

However, Karan showed he still had enough in the tank when he outran Zorgnotti in the last 250 meters.

Karan has been preparing in Brisbane, Australia with legendary administrator, Atma Maharaj playing a key role in the training phase.

Yeshnil Karan [left] with Atma Maharaj 

Karan”s name is now in the same bracket with the likes of Davendra Prakash Singh, Moses Zarak Khan, Usaia Sotutu, Isireli Naikelekelevesi, Shiri Chand Mushroom and Salome Tabuatalei.