Change of scenery for the Fiji Pearls

January 30, 2023 4:53 pm

On their road to the Netball World Cup, the Fiji Pearls have been undergoing a number of fitness activities to keep the players in good shape.

Over the weekend, the Pearls travelled up to the highlands of Naitasiri on a 10km jog.

Pearls coach Una Rokoura says the Pearls needed a change of scenery and what better way than to explore the rugged terrains of the Naitasiri Highlands.

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“Being able to go out and for the girls to compete in the cross country training this day, the objective behind it is that we want an element that’s missing in our preparation is fitness and that is going to be our key focus and it’s great that we started off with the cross training last week and we are here again.”

Rokoura says seeing overseas-based players also part of the exercise has been encouraging.

“To see that our overseas based players who have come out to touch base with nature and do something different, get out of the city life and go and enjoy the beautiful nature.”

The Fiji Pearls have another training camp scheduled for next month.