FRU logo on Fiji Kava product

January 23, 2024 7:20 am

Fiji Kava Founder and Director, Zane Yoshida.

The Fiji Rugby Union logo will now be featured on fully packaged Fiji Kava products, as outlined in the agreement signed between the organizations yesterday.

This expands on the previous partnership, which included cash contributions and in-kind product sponsorships.

Fiji Kava Founder and Director, Zane Yoshida, mentioned that they will also introduce co-branded products.

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Yoshida expressed enthusiasm for this announcement, citing the success of the Flying Fijians at the Rugby World Cup last year.

“Previously, we had put together a sponsorship package with cash contribution as well as product in kind, what we’ve done differently in the terms of our partnership over the next three years. And something that Avnil spoke about earlier was also creating co-branded products.”

He also notes that this enhances the well-being of players, as the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team aims to defend their gold medal at the Olympics this year.