Nadi Basketball targets more females

March 6, 2024 6:39 am

The Nadi Basketball Association seeks to increase the number of females participating in its local competition this year.

Association Committee member Sera Vugakoto says ever since Nadi Basketball started its competition last weekend, there has been a low turnout from women and girls.

The former national basketball rep says the association is targeting age-grade players from schools to boost the numbers and have a wider selection pool.

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“The past two years we have been doing bula hoops and we’ve gotten a lot of girls to come participate through the program. I’m very happy to see that we’ve been able to form two Under-17 teams from the Bula hoops program, girl’s teams, and that’s an achievement for us as an association to increase the number of girls playing in our association in Nadi.”

Vugakoto adds the Association is also proud to see most of its female players taking up officiating duties in the local competition.