Claudius reigns at Marist Inter-house

March 9, 2024 4:26 pm

[Source: Jay Kruz]

Marist Brothers High School concluded their three-day inter-house event with Claudius emerging as the victor, securing 25 gold, 12 silver, and 13 bronze medals.

Augustine followed in second place with 12 gold, 19 silver, and 12 bronze medals.

Alphonsus claimed third place with six gold, 10 silver, and 17 bronze medals, while Lambert finished last with six gold, eight silver, and five bronze medals.

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Coach Antonio Raboiliku states that wrapping up the interhouse event today provides them with clarity on their focus for the upcoming Zone meet and Coca-Cola games.

He emphasizes that their current priority is selecting the squad for the zone meet. Raboiliku notes the strength of their talent pool this year and the importance of careful selection.

By day’s end, they’ll have a better grasp on who can lead them to defend their title at the Coke games.