YP Reddy’s impact beyond the boardroom echoes in Fiji’s tourism

January 6, 2024 4:15 pm

Minister for Tourism and Deputy Prime Minister Viliame Gavoka paid tribute to the late Yanktesh Permal Reddy lauding him as a leader whose influence extended well beyond the confines of the boardroom.

Gavoka, delivering a heartfelt eulogy emphasized YP Reddy’s visionary prowess as a captain in the tourism sector.

He described Reddy as a pioneer in Fiji’s tourism industry, a field now integral to the economy.

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He states that the Tanoa Group founded by YP Reddy continues to be a thriving contributor to Fiji’s economic landscape.

The Deputy Prime Minister also stressed Reddy’s ability to perceive opportunities amidst challenges, noting that his impact on the tourism sector remains enduring.

“Beyond the accolades and business triumphs, YP was a compassionate and giving person. He was a man who gave himself to his faith and the community he loved and served.”

Despite his significant contributions, Gavoka pointed out that YP Reddy remained modest about his achievements never seeking to document or boast about them.

Fantasha Lockington, CEO of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association echoed Gavoka’s sentiments in her eulogy describing YP Reddy as one of the giants in the tourism industry.

“YP is one of those giants that the industry stands on the shoulders of and if you know something about the tourism industry, you know that it is not where it is today without the giants that came before us.”

The memorial service in Lautoka this morning drew attendance from family, friends, and key figures in the tourism sector and government representatives.