Women in Media face added challenges

July 8, 2024 6:16 am

Pacific Media Conference’s panel discussion

Fiji Women’s Rights Movement Programs Director Laisa Bulatale says that female journalists continue to face instances of sexual harassment in their line of work.

While speaking at the Gender and Media session at the Pacific Media Conference in Suva over the weekend, Bulatale states that female journalists are also subjected to online harassment regularly.

The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement believes these harassments occur due to power dynamics in the workplace and in the community.

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“The women also stated that they did receive a lot of harassment when they were out on assignments but they also faced it as well within the organizations that they were walking in and we know when it comes to sexual harassment or violence in any nature it has to do with power over the other person.”

Fiji Women’s Rights Movement Programs Director Laisa Bulatale

Bulatale adds many journalists compromise their safety at times to get their jobs done.

She also shared that media organisations should continuously refresh on safety and security measures for all their journalist when they are out covering any news assignment.

“It is interesting because you want to get that news so a lot of the women compromise on their own safety to be able to get the news which then needs to have a bigger conversation with media organizations so if you are taking your employees out on assignments and what are your safety and security risks as with media organizations to the employees that you have in your organization.”

Recent research conducted by the University of the South Pacific and FWRM on women in media stated that 50 percent or more women in media have faced some kind of abuse and harassment in their line of work.