Women bear disproportionate burden: Maharaj

February 13, 2024 12:24 pm

Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation believes women in rural areas have the disproportionate burden of managing home duties, gathering water, and attending to cultural and societal obligations.

Foundation Executive Officer Neil Maharaj, says a ten-year study project has shed light on the profound inequalities that these women encounter.

Maharaj says the research shows that about 90 percent of these women are responsible for the hard work of gathering, storing, and preparing food – often without access to basic amenities like adequate sanitation facilities.

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“With our research over a decade, we find that 90 percent of women in rural areas are responsible for collecting, storing of water and cooking food, let alone helping in cultural spaces and also an incantation in rural communities.”

Foundation Executive Officer Neil Maharaj

Maharaj says it is important that women in rural communities have equal rights as the study clearly depicts their harsh realities.