Wash programme enhances water services

June 9, 2024 4:21 pm

The Rural Wash programme in Fiji, funded by the New Zealand Government, is set to make a substantial investment of $2 million over three years to enhance access to water, sanitation, hygiene, and infrastructure in rural communities.

Rotary NZ World Community Services Director Stuart Batty highlights the programme’s dual focus on immediate needs and long-term positive outcomes.

By providing clean, safe drinking water and disability-inclusive sanitation infrastructure, the programme aims to significantly improve community health and wellbeing.

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Batty emphasizes the critical role of improved sanitation facilities in reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases, thereby enhancing overall community wellbeing.

“In rural communities, women often bear the primary responsibility for collecting water for household use. With improved access to clean water sources closer to home, thanks to initiatives like the Rural Wash Programme, women can spend less time fetching water and more time pursuing educational and economic opportunities.”

He adds that the availability of sanitation facilities enhances privacy and dignity for women, particularly during menstruation, contributing to their overall wellbeing and empowerment.

By providing clean, safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in schools, the programme also aims to create a healthier learning environment for children, reducing absenteeism due to water-related illnesses.

The Rural Wash programme is funded through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and implemented by Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation in collaboration with Rotary New Zealand World Community Service.