WAF anticipates full water restoration

March 30, 2024 7:56 am

[File Photo]

The Water Authority of Fiji is on track to restore 100 percent water production capacity in the Suva area by today.

Despite recent pipe damage, WAF’s collaborative efforts and innovative solutions have accelerated the restoration process.

Chief Operation Officer Seru Soderberg, expressed confidence in achieving this milestone, highlighting the effectiveness of partnerships with Flame Tree Development Limited and advanced repair techniques.

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“We are pleased to confirm that one of the water mains has been successfully brought back online.” Furthermore, the treatment plant is now receiving an inflow of 40MLD (Million Litres per Day), a substantial increase that enhances water availability for distribution. “Our efforts have resulted in the restoration of production levels at the Tamavua facility to 50%.”

Soderberg says repair crews are currently engaged in welding works on the 600 main. This critical initiative is poised to further augment production capacity, bringing us closer to the goal of complete restoration.

The community-driven approach ensures equitable access to water for all residents.

As the restoration efforts progress, Savura residents are approaching the resolution of the water crisis with optimism and resilience, reflecting the power of collaboration in overcoming challenges.