Use of AI a concern: Archbishop

January 1, 2024 4:18 pm

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong (right)

The Catholic Church in Fiji has called on Fijians to be mindful of the use of artificial intelligence.

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong cautioned young Fijians in particular regarding this in his New Year’s message.

He says human dignity and peace are paramount for everyone.

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Archbishop Chong believes there is a need for families to establish guidelines in their homes to allow for human relations.

“If we are passive recipients of artificial intelligence, then we are losing the creativity that God has implanted in us, and that is not good for humanity. So the Pope alerts us to be awake and to teach our children how to use artificial intelligence properly in the digital world and social media.”

He claims that the use of AI is something that Fiji should seriously reflect on as we journey into the new year.

“Like Mary pondering and reflecting on everything that is happening in the world, whatever gift that God gives to us, whether it is technology or artificial intelligence, we will make sure that we use them to promote human dignity and peace.”

More Fijians welcome the year in their different churches despite the rainy and wet New Year’s Eve in the capital city.