Unsustainable use of soil threatens existence of organisms

December 6, 2023 4:02 pm

The unsustainable use of soil has developed into a threat to the organisms in the ecosystem that people depend on for survival.

This has been highlighted by the Assistant Minister for Rural and Maritime Development, Jovesa Vocea, at the World Soil Day celebration in Nayarabale Village in Vaturova, Cakaudrove yesterday.

Vocea shed light on the theme “Soil and Water: A Source of Living,” emphasizing the significance of sustainable practices for the vitality of soil.

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“Soil and water provide the foundation for food production, ecosystems, and human well-being. Recognizing their invaluable roles, we can take proactive measures to safeguard these resources for future generations.”

Vocea says soil has been taken for granted as agriculture has developed from a traditional to a commercial sector over the years.

Assistant Minister for Rural and Maritime Development, Jovesa Vocea

He stresses the importance of valuing soil, as it not only provides for sustenance but also buffers against challenges in these unprecedented times.

The minister has called for collaborative efforts among people at the grassroots and also between the government and stakeholders in the country.

This year’s World Soil Day also celebrated women who have taken charge of climate-smart agriculture to address interlinked challenges in their communities.