UK offers support to Fiji amid escalating drug crisis

June 16, 2024 7:56 am

[Source: UK in Fiji/ Facebook]

The United Kingdom has shown concern over Fiji’s drug crisis, and they’ve highlighted ways to help the country fight this epidemic.

British High Commissioner to Fiji Dr. Brian Jones states that the UK is ready to help Fiji as he outlined the severe impacts of drugs on Fiji’s most vulnerable population.

Dr Jones acknowledges that illegal drugs are impacting the most vulnerable, creating a cycle of dependency and crime that affects society and economic stability.

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[Source: UK in Fiji/ Facebook]

“They affect our women and girls, they affect children in families and they affect people who can’t afford to spend time out of work or to buy these drugs. It’s a really serious problem that must be tackled at all levels.”

Dr Jones also states that they will be assisting Fiji by providing more resources and capacity building aimed at strengthening Fiji’s security infrastructure.

[Source: UK in Fiji/ Facebook]

“We discussed how law enforcement is going to tackle this challenge and that’s in cooperation with the British National Crime Agency. Working together as part of Interpol to tackle the trafficking of illegal drugs.”

By combining resources, expertise, and a shared commitment to tackling the drug crisis, both nations aim to create a future where communities can thrive free from illegal drugs.