Tourism Fiji takes a stand against plastic waste

March 2, 2023 5:24 am

The tourism industry can also contribute to efforts to conserve Fiji’s environment, says Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Brent Hill.

Hill made the comments at the launch of two national initiatives that aim to encourage Fijians to join the recycling movement and take a stand against plastic waste.

He adds that the tourism industry has various initiatives to offer visitors, which can also contribute to efforts to conserve Fiji’s environment, preserve its nature, and uphold its cultural heritage.

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“We have just unveiled a campaign that says that happiness comes naturally, and if we don’t have that beautiful natural environment, we don’t have anything really to market, and people won’t come here.”

Hill adds that, as the largest employment sector, Tourism Fiji encourages all properties to participate in the National Plastic Free Day campaign and welcomes visitors to take part in this opportunity too.

The Pacific Recycling Foundation and Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited have partnered with Tourism Fiji to raise awareness of the harmful impact of plastic waste on the environment.

In light of the celebration, two major initiatives were also announced.

The first initiative, “Wear a Pin—Support Recycling Movement,” calls on all Fijians to wear a lapel pin to show solidarity and a commitment to supporting PRF’s recycling programs.

The proceeds from the lapel pin campaign will go towards expanding PRF’s outreach programs to outer islands and areas that are most susceptible to the harmful effects of waste, especially plastic.

The second campaign, “Declaration of March 18 as the Official National Plastic Free Day,’ calls on Fijians to refrain from using plastic and create awareness of its harmful effects on the environment.

On March 18th, Prime Minister and Minister for Environment, Sitiveni Rabuka, will officially declare the day as National Plastic Free Day during GRD celebrations.