Tourism earnings soar to $251m

February 27, 2024 6:23 am

[File Photo]

Tourism Fiji’s projected visitor earnings soared to $251 million, welcoming 70,324 visitors in total in January.

Tourism Fiji says key markets such as New Zealand, the USA, UK, and Europe displayed notable growth compared to January 2023.

Cruise tourism continued to thrive, with 5,186 passengers exploring Fiji’s picturesque islands.

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Meanwhile, there was a five percent increase in room nights booked compared to the previous year, signalling a growing demand for accommodation.

The Coral Coast emerged as the most popular submarket, experiencing a 26 percent increase in bookings year on year.

With the majority of arrivals falling within the 30-49 age bracket and holiday visits witnessing a five percent increase, Fiji reinforces its standing as a premier vacation destination.