Taveuni residents request for a crematorium

April 26, 2022 12:20 pm

Land identified for proposed crematorium. [Source: DINFO]

The people of Taveuni have requested the Minister for Local Government to assist in securing funding for a crematorium on the island.

The proposed crematorium project will cost $50, 000.

Premila Kumar says the community members made this known during her last visit in 2019, that they do not have a proper crematorium.

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“So when it rains the danger was that the body they were trying to cremate will not be fully burnt because of the rain. So I understood where they were coming from.”

Minister for Local Government, Premila Kumar. [File Photo]

Kumar says the residents were told to identify suitable land so they can put in a proposal to get the crematorium done.

She adds that the Taveuni Multiracial Land Purchase Co-operative Society Limited is willing to give a piece of land for the project.

Kumar highlighted that she will take the community members’ proposal to the Ministry of Economy so funding can be allocated in the next budget cycle.