Staff retention critical: Tunabuna

February 21, 2024 6:46 am

The Ministry of Agriculture highlights pressing concerns regarding the departure of technical staff engaged in critical projects.

Assistant Minister Tomasi Tunabuna says this staff exodus poses significant challenges, especially in terms of the progress of on-field projects.

Tunabuna stresses the necessity for implementing effective mechanisms to fill the vacancies left by departing staff.

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He also states the ministry’s proactive approach, which includes prioritizing the re-employment of former staff members.

“We need to re-employ some of those who had worked in the ministry and had been working in other areas. We had provided opportunities for them, especially those who were more than 55 years old and had retired. We had recruited them back so that start supervising work that we have in the technical areas.”

The ministry is actively addressing staffing challenges to ensure projects continue smoothly.