SRIF to collaborate more with FSC

April 13, 2024 4:31 pm

Sugar Research Institute of Fiji CEO Vinesh Kumar

Sugar Research Institute of Fiji CEO Vinesh Kumar says whatever has happened in the past between the Fiji Sugar Corporation needs to be put aside as they must look at the future of the industry.

Historically, SRIF and FSC have encountered friction on various fronts.

However, Kumar states that it is imperative for both entities to look beyond these conflicts and work together harmoniously.

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Acknowledging the challenges faced in the past, Kumar emphasizes the significance of learning from past mistakes and leveraging collective efforts to drive positive change.

“We have meetings—very structured meetings we have. At ground level, we have a number of initiatives coming in. We are embarking on a program very soon where we will be bringing in some of our junior field offices as well as extension offices for coffee in the morning to visit our cafeteria and all those things. So those are some of my ways of seeing how best we could, I mean, get that relationship.”

Kumar likened the relationship between SRIF and FSC to that of siblings, stating that they see FSC as their big brother.

He adds that SRIF’s role is to provide advanced technology to FSC’s extension officers, thereby empowering farmers with tools and knowledge to increase yields and optimize agricultural practices.