SPC promotes food security

November 6, 2020 4:20 pm

Pest and disease management, sustainable agriculture and genetic resources are some of the major focus of the Secretariat of the South Pacific.

While officiating at the SPC Open Day at Narere, Land Resources Division Director Karen Mapusua says they do extensive research to ensure food security for Pacific Island countries.

Mapusua says they also work closely with farmers to ensure food is safe and sufficient.

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“Our Division is all about contributing to a resilient community from the Agriculture perspective and from how Agriculture also contributes to health. So we play a really important role in supporting the whole of the food system from the production end. No farmers, no food and the farmers are our target, they are people that we work with closely.”

Public Health Department Director, Sunia Soakai says they work with SPC member countries for safety from NCDs and the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our work covers Non-Communicable Disease clinical and workforce and its preparedness and in more risk days health system strengthening. Understandably we have been pre-occupied with COVID, we are supporting countries with their preparedness and response activities.”

The SPC Narere Campus also houses the Global Centre for Taro which hosts the largest collection of taro diversity in the world.