Singh announces key developments for the sugar industry

January 12, 2024 11:47 am

Sugar Minister Charan Jeath Singh

The Ministry of Multi-Ethnic Affairs and Sugar Industry has announced key developments in the industry, including the appointment of new leaders.

Nitya Reddy, an experienced professional, has been appointed as the new Chairman of South Pacific Fertilizers Ltd (SPFL) and is expected to contribute to the industry’s growth.

Ahemad Bhamji is appointed as the Chairman of the Sugar Cane Growers Fund (SCGF), focusing on supporting sugarcane farmers.

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Additionally, Prattick Shamal Singh joins the SCGF Board of Directors, bringing expertise in business management.

Singh welcomed the appointments, emphasizing the government’s commitment to the industry’s improvement.

Singh expressed confidence in the newly appointed individuals, believing that their collective expertise would significantly contribute to the growth and prosperity of the sugar industry and sugarcane farmers.