Sexual activities and content exposure worrisome

June 19, 2024 7:00 am

There is growing concern over children’s exposure to sexual activities and online sexual content, which is increasingly influencing their behavior.

Assistant Minister for Women and Children, Sashi Kiran, emphasizes that this exposure is causing children to experiment with adult behaviors at an alarmingly young age.

This year so far alone, 14 juveniles have been charged with offenses such as rape and other sexual crimes.

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Kiran emphasizes the critical role of parental supervision in monitoring children’s use of electronic devices and online activities.

“A lot more children are given the gadgets in their hand. We know parents are busy and it’s easy to babysit using, giving a gadget in the hand and there is no controls around it. So children are able to watch anything and children are they will experiment what they see, what they are seeing in front of them.”

The minister stresses the need for parents to be vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their children from harmful influences.

“So if in a community and especially if you’re looking at the squatter communities or overcrowded spaces where people are using either porn download, visuals, videos and TV, what they’re watching and with overcrowding one room something happens, the next room you could hear it. So even if videos and things are being seen, children are exposed to much more.”

Fiji Council of Churches General Secretary Reverend Simione Tugi is calling upon religious organizations to step up and contribute towards creating a safer environment for children.

Reverend Tugi believes religious communities can promote values to protect children and support families amidst digital media challenges.