Savura residents affected by major landslip

March 27, 2024 12:48 pm

Residents of Savura, Wailoku in Tamavua are currently facing significant challenges with disruptions in water supply and travel due to a landslip.

The landslip occurred due to continuous heavy rain damaging a trunk main yesterday afternoon.

Resident Bhan Mani says these disruptions are affecting their daily routine drastically.

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“It’s very hard, you know; water is the main thing for people; if that’s fixed, then it’s alright. We don’t worry about electricity; you can use a candle instead. And road here to so people going the other side, it’s very hard.”

Another resident, 68-year-old Talica Rokobere, shared similar sentiments.

“We got no water from last night until now; I didn’t know this thing (burst main) happened until my grandchildren came here yesterday afternoon, and told me.”

Due to this, all Suva and Lami schools are closed today.

The Water Authority of Fiji teams have conducted assessments overnight on the damage to the raw water trunk main outlet along Savura Road and repairs will begin soon.