Road construction materials under the spotlight

December 12, 2023 6:44 am

[File Photo]

An independent check on the quality of materials used for road construction around the country can be expected soon.

Deputy Secretary for Ministry of Public Works George Tavo revealed that they are exploring the possibility of re-establishing three laboratories across the country to carry out these exercises.

He clarified that these services are currently outsourced to the private sector.

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These labs were initially established under the Public Works Department; however, they were decommissioned when the PWD was abolished in 2008.

Tavo stresses the need to re-establish labs to ensure long-lasting road surfaces.

“So I think government will need to reestablish its laboratories around the three divisions to ensure compliance to the standards of the materials that is used on our road. That’s something that the government is actually working on at the moment.”

Acting Divisional Engineer Works West Kitione Rokosuka also highlights the benefits of data sharing with relevant ministries when needed.

“When we want to carry out the sealing of roads, we’ll carry out the soil test first. And that soil test also goes together with the work of this WAF. All the government ministry, when they need the information in regards to this technical. According to this, they will come direct to Ministry of Public Works.”

The labs will be based in three divisions, including Suva, Lautoka, and Labasa.