Residents raise drainage concerns with SCC

May 10, 2024 12:25 pm

Residents of Samabula ward in Suva have expressed worries about drainage issues within the municipality, fearing potential health risks.

A concerned resident, Ana Mosivanua, raised these concerns during a recent community meeting with SCC board members.

Mosivanua states that people, homes, and especially businesses are affected due to poor management of drainage in the area and around Suva City.

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Residents hope for effective solutions to alleviate drainage concerns and ensure a healthier environment.

“In this drain, a pipe runs across. It had been there since last year. The drain is in my lot. A group of boys placed the pipe in the drain. I was told by my family that they were from SCC.”

According to the city planner from SCC Filipo Tawake, there are different drainage systems in place.

Tawake states that there are two types of drainage systems that people should be aware of: one is a public drain, and the other is a private drain, which is within individual properties.

The city planner says that they will pass on some questions to relevant ministries.

“The natural creeks, waterways, rivers, and streams come under the Ministry of Waterways, so we will raise it up with the Ministry of Waterways and the assistance they can give in terms of providing seawall, but we will raise it up with them as this comes under their jurisdiction.”

Suva City Council representatives have acknowledged past coordination challenges but highlighted efforts to address issues through community involvement.