Raiwai residents protecting their families: Yavala

August 14, 2022 4:40 pm

The reaction of the Raiwai youth is simply that of protecting themselves and their families.

This was the sentiment shared by a Raiwai resident who witnessed the brawl that broke out along Nairai Road earlier today.

Speaking to FBC News, Raiwai Resident Semisi Seganakete Yavala claims the youth from Raiwai and Raiwaqa rattled the four men that got out of a black Prius, allegedly armed with cane knives.

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Yavala also claims that the Prius belongs to a well-known kingpin who has been involved in previous street violence.

“One car was parked at the along the road near Nairai Top Ground and some youth armed with cane knives got off the car and went through the lane and they ran back for their lives when they saw youths from Raiwai trying to protect their families and their homes.”

FBC News visited the area this morning and notice the continuous police patrol in the area and in nearby communities.

Police Chief Operations ACP Abdul Khan says a team from the Police Special Response Unit together with the K9 Unit has been tasked to carry out the investigation.

Two are currently in Police custody while one is receiving medical treatment at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital following the incident.