Prosecution attempts to consolidate drug charges against 13

February 16, 2024 5:03 pm

The prosecution’s attempt to consolidate drug charges against 13 individuals today before the Lautoka High Court hit a roadblock as defense lawyers insisted on full disclosures before entertaining the motion for consolidation.

The defense counsels are adamant about receiving full disclosures from the prosecution before entertaining any discussion on the consolidation of charges.

This demand highlights the critical importance placed on transparency and access to information in ensuring a fair trial for the defendants.

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In response to the defense’s demands, the prosecution has pledged to provide the requested disclosures in a phased manner, with the third phase scheduled for completion before the next court date on March 4th.

The accused are 32-year-old Justin Ho, 44-year David Heritage, 22-year Louie Frank Logaivau, 40-year-old Issac Lesiyanawai, 44-year-old Ratu Aporosa Davelevu, 30-year-old Sakiusa Tuva, 29-year-old Iosefo Roqica, 27-year-old Maika Yabakivou, 30-year-old Ratu Osea Levula, 31-year-old Cathy Tuirabe, 29-year-old Nancy Mateyawa, 42-year-old Jale Aukerea and 29-year-old Keanie Mcpherson appeared today at the Lautoka High Court.

They are charged with unlawful importation of illicit drugs, unlawful possession of illicit drugs, and possession of property suspected of being proceeds of crime, relating to the importation and transportation of the illicit substances with an estimated street value of more than two billion dollars.