Prasad assures charter services payment recovery

April 17, 2024 4:57 pm

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Biman Prasad says Fiji Airways has assured him of full recovery for any outstanding payments related to their charter services.

Prasad highlighted this in parliament today when questioned by Opposition Member of Parliament Premila Kumar on Fiji Airway’s charter policies and procedures when processing charter requests.

Late last year, Fiji Airways operated a chartered flight to Israel, which had come under the spotlight.

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Prasad says Fiji Airways has a very detailed set of procedures in relation to assessing chartered flights.

“The company assesses each case on its own merit. Sometimes, based on previous records, the company was involved in a charter flight. It could be potential, so any company that does business will assess the risk.”

Opposition Leader Inia Seruiratu questioned Prasad on the repayment update and whether the government was concerned.

The Finance Minister stresses that the payment timeline for any chartered flight is documented as part of the agreement.

“The agreement is there, and if the agreement is not adhered to, this can happen in any commercial agreement. Those who run businesses know this is being renegotiated, and this is what the CEO has said very clearly: they have a repayment plan as per the agreement, and it will be paid.”

Prasad says Fijians can expect more details regarding this matter when Fiji Airways annual and financial reports are tabled during the next parliamentary session.