Police tightlipped on allegations of assault

April 27, 2022 5:40 am

The screenshot from the video.

Commissioner of Police, Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho says the Force cannot comment on matters before the court.

He made the comments after a video emerged purportedly showing an individual being manhandled by police.

The video believed to have been taken by a bystander on Easter Saturday shows officers trying to shove a man into a police vehicle near Suvavaou House in Suva.

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Social media posts claim the individual had waved at the entourage of the President and Police Commissioner, but officers showed up to apprehend him.

It is also alleged he was kept in custody until Tuesday afternoon.

Police Commissioner, Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho says the matter is now before the court and it would be inappropriate to comment.

“The person has been charged and is appearing in court and will be improper for me to comment on something that is with the courts. The courts will decide on the allegations made against the person or if the person has made allegations against the police.”

He says Police will let the due process of the law take its course.