Police identify children in video stunt, stress on safety

April 14, 2024 4:54 pm

Criminal Investigations Department officers have positively identified the children seen in a video and have established that it was an attempt to gain social media popularity.

Head of Police Crime Division ACP Mesake Waqa says cyber-crime officers were able to trace the origins of the video, with subsequent information revealing it was recorded in Nabouwalu.

ACP Waqa says a team was in Nabouwalu and managed to locate the children.

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They were brought in with their parents.

ACP Waqa says the child who was seen being buried is safe and well.

ACP Waqa says they can confirm that the children were trying to gain popularity by copying a popular social media personality.

He is pleading with parents to know what their children are accessing online and to limit screen time.

ACP Waqa adds the day the video was captured, the children were supposed to be at a church camp.

He stresses the situation could have taken a tragic turn, reiterating the importance of teaching children that actions have consequences.