PM calls the shot says Radrodro

April 22, 2024 6:38 am

New Social Democratic Liberal Party leader Aseri Radrodro

New Social Democratic Liberal Party leader Aseri Radrodro has denied that the SODELPA Board intended to remove Viliame Gavoka as Education Minister.

Although Radrodro is now saying he is content being a backbencher in the coalition government, his involvement in an attempt to remove Gavoka as Education Minister is very much unknown.

Following SODELPA’s AGM on Saturday, Radrodro admitted that the SODELPA Board does not have a say in who becomes Minister.

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Aseri Radrodro admits the discussions that happened to return to him the education portfolio, but there is no revelation as to who escalated this discussion.

“That was just an internal correspondence that was made to a normal party member, so it was just an internal correspondence.”

While the letter to Viliame Gavoka has the signatures of prominent people in the party, including SODELPA’s General Secretary, Viliame Takayawa, Radrodro says the Prime Minister calls the shot.

“No, the board does not decide the switching of portfolios; the portfolios are from the Prime Minister’s office.”

Meanwhile, Education Minister Viliame Gavoka is merely listening to the Prime Minister’s directive.

“The allocation of ministerial positions belongs to one person, and that is the honorable prime minister.”

The weeklong drama was settled on Saturday, and things remain as they were before the push to reinstate Radrodro came about.

The letter from the SODELPA Board to Gavoka has also been withdrawn.