Redistributing teachers amidst resignations

December 1, 2023 6:46 am

In light of recent teacher resignations and migrations, the Ministry of Education is actively redistributing available teachers to focus on main subjects.

As part of this reallocation, they are considering discontinuing the life mathematics subject introduced last year.

Permanent Secretary Selina Kuruleca says this decision follows challenges faced during its pilot phase in 21 schools, largely attributed to the shortage of teachers.

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“And that’s one area that has come up, because obviously, if you have two maths classes going on at the same time, pure maths and Life maths, you need two maths teachers. So we’re just looking at how this can be facilitated, and the conversation is still happening with the ministries across with our stakeholders on how best we can better utilize or maximum utilization of our limited number of math STEM teachers that we have.”

The Ministry is also engaging in ongoing discussions with stakeholders and teacher training institutions to establish a pathway for recent graduates entering the teaching profession.