Pacific Energy plans to withdraw from Balaga terminal

February 9, 2024 4:58 pm

Pacific Energy Limited is on the verge of withdrawing its operations from its oil terminal located at Balaga Bay in Cakaudrove.

The reason behind this is the continued disturbance and compensation demands from the qoliqoli owners.

Acting Commissioner for the iTaukei Lands and Fisheries Commission, Kelepi Curuki, revealed this to FBC News as qoliqoli owners gathered for an urgent meeting in Wailevu yesterday in a bid to address the matter.

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“What we should understand as landowners is that we should seek legal advice first if we want to proceed with this kind of discussion. Now it’s a national-level discussion. Remember, fuel is something beyond our control; it’s something we need.”

Curuki has advised qoliqoli owners to gather all 28 Yavusa leaders in the district and discuss the consideration of a deed of trust.

Turaga na Tui Wailevu Ratu Jovesa Maivalili says that this is a complex matter and requires further discussion.

“Now, I will have to call another meeting with the 28 Turaga ni Yavusa from the district of Wailevu so that we can have a proper discussion on this and get their views. We all have weaknesses, so we have to get them straight and settle them well.”

Ratu Jovesa says the end result should see both parties benefiting and all businesses or any development should involve landowners in all dealings and payments.

Meanwhile, Pacific Energy Limited, in a recent statement, asserts that the discharging tankers have been berthed using mooring bollards installed within the land owned by Pacific Energy.

The bollards have been approved by the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji.